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#48. Batman Arkham Asylym (Game of the Year Edition) (PC)

Like ZvP, this is a game I had heard a lot about but passed on due to having already too much to play, then came along Steam and its amazing deals and I got this baby for 15$ (I think, my memory is fuzzy). The keyboard controls were a bit awkward but the game was so good that it didn't bother me much. The combat is simple but tons of fun, the game has a good mix of stealth and hand to hand combat and finding Riddler trophies, interview tapes, Arkham Beetle Thingies (don't remember what they're called, did I tell you my memory is fuzzy?) and destroying all the Joker Teeth is incredibly addicting. To top it off the story is really interesting, particularly the Joker who keeps shouting comments at his henchmen through the megaphones.

Random Joker quote: I want everyone to know that I really appreciate all the hard work. You know, watching you guys is like a night in, watching my favorite movie. What was the name of that movie again? Oh, yes. Attack of the stupid bungling idiots who can't find an bigger idiot running around dressed like a bat! Now get to it!

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