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staticneuron said: Not really because UMD's are totally proprietary. BR is not. When was the last time you saw home UMD players? UMD burners? UMD computer drives? Blank UMD's on shelves? UMD as a movie format failed..... because it was expensive and idiotic. Where as blu ray and HD DVD have more use. Personally the Best use is storage and in that instance blu ray wins out. I have seen movies on both and I dare anyone to Spot a difference in movies like superman returns or the last samurai. If you can't don't feel bad because the format has nothing to do with quality it is more or less the space and the encodes. Yes the cell is more powerful that the latest intel or amd but for what? The cell is a SIMD that lends itself better to vertex processing. Which makes it a beast for computational simulations but depending on the design of the cell chip in question certain chips may lack in integer processing. Because VIDEO GAMES are not GENERAL PURPOSE programs as quite a few american devs and brilliant web journalists would have you believe, over time the PS3 just might pull off some amazing things later on in its life. But I could rant about that for a while. In another article I posted Sony's income status. Sony Sales: $68.58 billion Profits: $1.08 billion Assets: $100.34 billion Sony is not going anywhere. The gaming division would have to take Huge losses (that were not planned for, of course) before you see sony closing down shop.
I wasn't saying that Blu-Ray was going to become a failed format, but it is way too early to say that it has "won" anything. Currently, Blu-Ray has seen a massive sales spike as everyone who bought a PS3 has picked up a couple of movies to try out their "Blu-Ray" player; a similar behavior (I would expect) happened with the PSP. Now, most of these people will not be buying Blu-Ray movies on a regular basis and (as more games come out) will probably be using their PS3 as a videogame system. Over the next year movie collectors and the general public will be either buying HD-DVD players or Blu-Ray players and it could go either way. People could choose HD-DVD players because it is the least expensive way to have HD movies, or they could choose Blu-Ray because they believe the PS3 will force the format war to be over. In January 2008 we will either have a victor or it will be clear that dual format players will be the "winners".