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Michael-5 said:
TWRoO said:
Lol. The Master of Orion III website has a notice: This website requires netscape 4x or IE 4x or higher

They kept a website all this time?

netscape.... I don't even know what that is lol, but I have heard the name.

Well MoO3 apparently released 2003, which isn't that long ago, and in fact IE6 was already out (which is still annoyingly hanging around) I guess the website will have been set up before the games release, but I still find it odd they didn't take the notice down.

As for Netscape, they and Microsoft had the original 'browser war'* back in the 90s, Microsoft pretty much muscled them out though.

Edit: Lol, this is awesome: (from wiki: )
In October 1997, Internet Explorer 4.0 was released. The release party in San Francisco featured a ten-foot-tall letter "e" logo. Netscape employees showing up to work the following morning found the giant logo on their front lawn, with a sign attached that read "From the IE team ... We Love You". The Netscape employees promptly knocked it over and set a giant figure of their Mozilla dinosaur mascot atop it, holding a sign reading "Netscape 72, Microsoft 18" representing the market distribution.[8]