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Joelcool7 said:

No simply put no.

If Nintendo was to release HD versions of past games it shouldn't be individual titles. If they were to do so release a HD Metroid Prime Collection, an HD (Zelda collection) , Mario Galaxy 1+2 HD.

But honestly I think Nintendo would damage their reputation by re-releasing all these games. Its a move of desperation Sega started re-releasing their Sonic games each generation. Yah they sold but today who doesn't have five copies of Sonic the Hedgehog? How many of these consumers actually want these constant remakes?

I agree with others that WiiU should upscale the resolution of existing WiiU games essentially making them appear HD. But to remake and re-sell them is stupid.

Its also a waste of resources. The amount of money Nintendo would need to spend to rebuild these games and make them 1080p 60fps would cost at least half or so the budget that an entirely new game would cost. It would tie up resources for years, resources that could be churning out new games.

Would you rather see Nintendo upgrading old Wii games to HD or bringing us new HD titles? I say leave the originals alone and give us some new games. I would rather get 15 original HD AAA+ games then 30 remade in HD Wii games!

I doubt upscaling these games into 1080p while adding extra detail, shadowing, etc will take a long time. And this can't really hurt Nintendo's reputation when gamers have proven to be more than ecstatic for HD remakes of old games, such as God of War or the upcoming Halo Combat Evolved remake. We're also talking about potential buyers who only played 360 and PS3 games and dismissed the Wii because its games weren't in HD. These games have never been ported before so I don't see how that's an issue either.