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Doom II: Hell on Earth (PC)


Doom is one of my all time favorite franchises, the series originated the genre that is so popular today in the West and that currently overpopulates the market. 

Doom II features the same basic structure of the original game but it adds some new weapons like the powerful Double Barrel Shotgun and most importantly some new enemies like Pain Elemental and Mancubus to name a couple. Not only does this title maintain the fantastic and claustrophobic atmosphere of it's prequel but it adds it's own unique twist to it featuring some environments that resemble some real world locations and visuals, I mean it isn't subtitled Hell on Earth for nothing.




Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (GCN/PC)



You know, I've always been a huge fan of games that make you feel the experience, games that actually immerse you into the whole audio/visual experience. When I bought this game for the GameCube back when it first launched I had an idea of what to expect, but this title was such an unexpected surprise to me; I definitely was not expecting such a high caliber experience from a true espionage game.So even though the first one isn't as awesome today thanks to the awesome orgasmic Chaos Theory it is still a great game to enjoy and immerse oneself in.


Pokémon Stadium (N64)



Pokémon Stadium blew my mind when it got released. I was already so into the Anime, (which I think the original first season is the best and I still love it) and then I bought Pokémon Yellow to further complement my obsession. But Pokémon Stadium was amazing to me; my trained monsters on my Television screen in glorious and beautiful 3D. The mini-games, the built-in Game Boy player. It had a bunch of extra stuff, that it so well worth the money.

This was the first ever game I preordered too. Love it.