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RolStoppable said:
snfr said:

I wouldn't really call Tidus masculine (although I'm not sure anyway if you were serious about that ).

A better reason to hate it would be that it feels like a Japanese pop game from time to time^^

Yeah, I was joking about that.

Regardless, the complaints I've heard regarding FFX-2 over the years are usually about girlishness. The characters dressing up in different customes (even though that's just a straight evolution of the FFIII and FFV job systems) or acting like girls (even though they are girls). The story not taking itself seriously was apparently another issue and the funky J-Pop only made it worse. Games are supposed to be serious business and anything that reminds one of simple and stupid fun breaks the immersion.

I guess you listed almost every complaint about FFX-2. And to be honest, I understand why people don't like most of it. However, I still liked it very much although or even because it had some weird elements.

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