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50. New Super Mario Bros Wii

Super Mario Bros was my first game. I grew up on 2D Mario, and was obviously disappointed at going so long without a new entry to the series, but then Nintendo brought it back on the DS in 2006. That DS game doesn't make my top 50 (it's not far outside it though), but the Wii game does. Playing this game brought back memories of sitting on the floor in front of the TV as a child, with the NES pad in my hand and playing through the originals. It always had that 'just one more level' appeal, and NSMBWii does a great job of replicating that feeling. I could sit down with the intent of just playing a quick couple of levels, and the next thing I know I've played through a couple of Worlds instead. If I'm honest with myself though, it isn't quite as good as the originals, which is why this is here in 50th place rather than further up my list.