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RolStoppable said:
forest-spirit said:
Wii is up YoY? October last year must have been awful.

It's the fault of NSMB Wii. After the insane hardware boost the Wii got in late 2009, a lot of people started to call the Wii a seasonal console and Nintendo picked up on it. So in 2010 they didn't bother with October and put everything they had left for the year into November and December. The logical consequence was that 2010 looked similar to 2009 in terms of sales distribution which only strengthened the image of a seasonal console. So here we go again in 2011.

The difference between this year's and last year's October is Just Dance 3, so that's how the Wii managed to be up year over year.

Also the price-cut. We forget about it because it didn't have much of an effect throughout the year, but as the holidays approach, and with its strong 'holiday console' image (as you said), it may be more attractive to certain segment of the market, which should at the very least somewhat offset the natural downwards trend YoY.

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