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Okay here's my list:


#50: Street of Rage  (SEGA Genesis) : What can i say about this game? It's such a great game very addictive and you can call the cops whenever you want :P

It has a fanmade remake which im playing right now it's great.


#49: Punch Out! (NES/Wii remake) :This game it's full of stereotypes and it's so F*cking hard! But anyway I always enjoyed fighting with King Hicupp.


#48: The Sims (PC) : Well what can i say about this game? Everybody knows it and it's really a great game, I spent so much hours making my family (and then kill everybody xD) It such a great game and that's why it's on my 50 list


#47 : Parasite Eve (PSX): A survival horror set in a modern day New York with elements of RPG? Count me in. This game is great, it was so difficult to me (I was a kid...kind of) but anyway Eve was so evil and sexy(? The story got me hooked a lot even though I lose my save like 4 times before I finished the game.


#46: Final Fight 3 (SNES) : This game is absolutely FUN, the story mode was a little short but you had different paths and it was the first (and last true Final fight) to implement combos and super attacks which added a lot of replay value. I played this game a lot with my friends, always using different characters and discovering new  paths. Great game!


#45: Devil May Cry 1 (PS2): Man, this game is absolutely amazing and hard! I remember staying hours collecting red orbs in some mission because you could only save between missions, so i usually picked up some easy peasy mission and then spent hours collecting the orbs. This was because I started playing on Hard XD

I beat it like 5 times on Hard and one on Dante Must Die or something like that


#44: Gran Turismo 2 (PSX) : Aside for Need for speed series, I don't usually play car racing games let alone 'Driving Simulation'  games. But GT series had something different and got me hooked the instant I started watching my brother playing it. The first one was ok, but this is a real sequel, the career mode was absolutely addictive. I spent hours buying cars and tuning them, and then I ran out of money so I needed to start racing again :)

#43: Katamary Damacy Series(PS2): What can I say about these games? They are incredible fun and bizarre. Charming characters, great soundtrack and that feeling of power when suddenly you are the same size as a Giant Octopus


#42: Megaman X - X-4(Snes/PSX): When I was a kid, I loved Megaman with all my heart, the Megaman X series were a blast and I spent a lot of time getting the capsules of Dr.Light and killing every maverick on the game. Weird case is, I never beat any of them but X4, but even considering that, those games are the best of the megaman series.Period 

#41: Zombies ate my neighbours(SNES) (probably a Typo on the name) : Local Co-Op? Monsters from B-Movies? Funny Pre-Level statements? Count me in!.

Man, to anyone who didn't played the game, i recommend to start playing right now. It's one of the best SNES game, altough it's VERY hard and kind of frustrating, it has a lot of charm and cool gameplay mechanics.

#40: Clock Tower (SNES): While some may argue this game is not the first survival horror, nobody would argue this game is effin scary. There is something on being a little helpless girld being chased by psychopaths and having multiple (and bad) endings. This game is a true jewel for survival horror fans.


#39: Front Mission (SNES): Yeah, the first Front Mission is to me, the best of the series. Loved the story, characters and gameplay. The combat is easy to learn but deep to master.


#38:Heroes of Might And Magic 3 (PC) : What can i say about this game? Easily I spent 120hrs in it, and to think I never beat any campaing (yeah I suck) but anyways this game is great with a lot of different units/castles/heroes and the posibility to play with 8 characters on one computer was a blast.


#37:Mario 64 (N64): A pioneer of 3D platforming, looking for stars in the levels was a blast to play. I managed to get all 120 stars and the feeling of accomplishment cannot be compared to any game. Truly amazing and brutal in difficulty at the same time.

#36:Sim Tower (PC): Yes, Sim tower above Mario 64, how come? Well this game is easily one of my most played game in my life. Every a couple of years I keep coming for more and never gets old. Even today (I played it a couple of months ago) the game is incredibily good looking and fun. 


#35:Silent Hill(PSX):This game was the only one so scary to give me literally nightmares. And that's considering I wasn't playing it, but watching my brother play.

I loved the atmosphere and the unsettling characters in Silent Hill, one of the scariest game I ever played.


#34:Grandia(PSX): Great characters, fun battle system, a nice and personal story. Grandia is one of those RPG that seems generic, but when you play it you find a undiscovered gem. It's a shame I never beat the game because my save data was erased a couple of times (and i was in the end of the game)


#33:Final Fantasy VI(SNES): This was my 4th Final Fantasy game, and it's the second best final fantasy i've played. The story is amazing, the combat is fun, there is a load of characters with loads of charm. It's an incredible game, no wonder why almost everyone think the same way about this game. Truly a gem


#32:Suikoden 3(PS2): My first suikoden game, at first I didn't know what to expect and by the time I started playing it it was kind of unconfortable the lack of voice acting. But nevertheless the combat was so addictive to me, loved the characters, the "Chapter" system and absolutely LOVED recruiting party members and seeing them on the Thomas's Castle. Even so, the final battle of this game was epic (using all of the party members in an epic battle). The strategy mini -game was friggin great.


#31:Harvest Moon 3(GBC): Yeah, a harvest moon on top of FF, call me an heretic if you want xD but anyways this harvest moon is the third best HM game ever made (so expect 2 more higher in the list)  You could choose being girl or boy. Each one had different abilities, the girl is better on animals and the boy on the farm part. When you choose the other character lives with you and you can told them to do something each day which gives you a lot of free time to do the MANY things you could do. It was the first in the GBC series that you could buy furniture and sell items in a bazaar-esque. The only downside was you could not choose your bride/husband.



#30:Mario Kart(SNES): The game that it started all... what can I say about this game? Super fun and addictive, colorful graphics and a nice feeling of "3D". And on top of that a pure fun multiplayer to play with your buddies.


#29:Chronno Trigger(SNES): Well, this game has mixed reactions in me. One part wants to make it one of the best RPG of all history, and the other part couldn't stand the battle system and the story near the ending. That said, I really loved the game altough I never beat it because lavos was for some reason undefeteable (to my defense I must say that I didn't had the same level in English as of now)


#28:Monkey Island 3(PC): The first Monkey Island I beat really. The first Monkey Island was my first point and click game, and I enjoyed it (Sword battles FTW) but never beat it, some years later I tried MI3 and fell in love with the graphics, gameplay, story and the silliness of the plot. The ship and sword battles made me laugh out loud many many times. I have good memories of this game and it's one of those game I keep on playing it over and over in the course of the years.


#27:Zelda: OoT(N64): Well everyone  knows this game already. To me is one of the best Zelda games, and the one that made me play zelda games. Altough nostalgia takes a great part in here, I played this game a couple of years ago and, while fun, it was a completely different game in my mind.


#26:Persona 2 Innocent Sin(PSX) : First of all, I'm not a "new" persona fanboy, I know Persona series since it's second release (altough at the time I heard about revelations persona but never really cared of) As usual, I never beat that game because a bug I had in my CD that freezed the game in a certain part of the story. Years later I tried to re-play this game with an emulator and man, I had such a blast playing it. With more skills on my english, I understood the story and the problems the characters faced, and completely blew my mind. The story is convoluted but great, and I absolutely adore the 2D graphics. A really great JRPG the second best Persona game (yes, the third one was the best to me)


#25:Super Mario RPG(SNES) : The first and better mario RPG so far. Outside of mario characters and world, it can perfectly be another rpg with other chracters and still be incredibly fun, addictive and deep. Loved the isometric view, and messing around in mushroom kingdom.


#24:Resident Evil 2(PSX): One of the best RE out there. The story is  nice, you can play as 2 different characters and the story varies depending on which character story you finished first (you can finish Leon story then Claire's or viceversa) The tyrant and william birkin were such amazing bosses and the sidecharacters were cool too.


#23:Chrono Cross(PSX): I played Chrono Trigger first, then Cross. I prefer Cross (yeah, you can insult me) for the story, the different "dimensions" the HUGE list of party members and  the battle system. Is an amazing game and the first RPG i played that doesn't had level and still be challenging. Really great.


#22:Harvest Moon(SNES): The second best harvest moon I ever played. First of all, my first Harvest moon was the amazing Back to Nature, and then I played the GBC's ones and finally this one. I absolutely love the music on this game, I still remember the spring music,  and the sprites were so nice to see. Also the locations of this game (A very important factor to me in a HM game) was gorgeous and it seemed so lively at the time. Also in this game exist my favorite wife ;)


#21:Monster Rancher 2(PSX): The best monster rancher game ever, and one of my favorite monster breeding games. Tons of things to do, with a lot of secret monster to get, and the ever original system to create a monster based on ANY CD you had. I spent dozens of hours trying all my music/games cd's to see which monster had. 


#20:Pokemon Red/Blue(GB):  The best best best BEST pokemon game ever, it has a lot of less things than newer pokemon games, but anyway the first generation of Pokémon where the best and yes I know nostalgia plays a huge part in this, but nobody can deny this game exceeeds originality and it's incredibly fun.


#19:Resident Evil : Nemesis(PSX) : The best resident evil of the saga. I beat this game like 10 times and never got tired of it. Furthermore I love Jill and Nemesis and it had that mercenaries game that was so incredibly addictive (ok, it wasn't addictive but the prizes were so neat it made you to play until you bleed)



#18:Sim City 3k(PC) : What can I say about this game? Beautiful music (the best of the series), gorgeous graphics (even by today I still like it) and a balanced gameplay (not the overly chaotic mess that was SC4), this is one of the best Sim City so far.


#17 Phoenix Wright Saga (since every game is more of the same) (DS): When I first read about this game I was "A game about lawyers? that's so boring even for Capcom standars" but I was REALLY wrong, the game is incredibly easy to understand, extremely funny and some cases are so freaking great it leaves you craving for more and more. Really unique



#16 Dissidia 012 (PSP): To be brief, I bought my PSP (a couple of months ago) for this game.I was extremely hooked, I love everything except the cheap AI sometimes. I know this game is basically the same as Dissidia, but I didin't played it so 012 was an excellent game for me and one of the best Fighting games i ever played.



#15 Xenosaga 2 (PS2): Ahh Xenosaga, one of the best RPG I ever played, your never-ending cutscenes and ever-changing characters models between each chapter are missed these days. This saga has one of the best story in an RPG, the battle system was nice (I prefer the one in Xenosaga 1 though) and the characters were all likable (even Momo) 



#14 Fragile Dreams (Wii): One of the best games in Wii I played. The atmosphere in this game is something I've never seen in games, the characters are so expressive with their huge eyes. Also the story is really nice and touching, It will make you feel a little sad for Seto  and the other characters in the game.

The combat part could use some work because it's simple and it's annoying replacing the broken weapons all the time, but even so this is a great game and really unique.


#13 Xenosaga 1(PS2) : The second best episode in the Xenosaga trilogy. I put these games in different entries because they are all awesome on their own. The story in this episode was ok, the character models looked like dolls or something BUT the battle system was so fun and also later in the game you can see how the story is taking shape and it lets you so hooked hoping for the second episode. Loved every piece of this game.


#12 The Worlds ends with you(DS) : Unique styles, 2D graphics, set in a modern world and a fast battle system, adding a little of drama and suspense to an epic story and you have The World Ends With You (TWEWY).

The game is amazing, I loved every inch of this game. I remember even playing the neat extras you had once you finish the game (which is so rare in me) 


#11 Broken Sword : Shadow of the Templar(PC) : The first fully voiced point and click game I've played and one of the best of it's genre. Excellent graphics, animations, characters and story, I kept playing the game in these years (I finished like 8 times already and never gets boring)


#10 Xenosaga Episode 3(PS2): The trilogy could not had ended better. The character models were improved over the entries, the story was amazing and mind f*cking, and the ending was so great. It's one of the best RPG I've ever played. Truly amazing


#09 SimCity(PSX): Ahh the original Sim City, I remember getting this game when I was a little kid for Christmas. I got instantly hooked with the game music, the gameplay, how the little village turned out to be a Capital or a Metropolis... those were good times.

Maybe it's only nostalgia, but this game is THE best Sim City ever made to me. 


#08 Harvest Moon : Back To Nature(PSX): The first time I heard about this game was from a games magazine I read when I was younger. I remember the reviewer praised the game for being relaxing, the freedom you have and the little real life simulation the game had. He was right in every word of his review, the game got everything I wanted in that time, the graphics were so nice to look at (I'm a sucker for 2D ) and the isometric view was great.

The mountain part of the town was beatiful and the music accompanies very well the locations. This is one of the -few- games I played over 250hrs

Because of this game I'm now a fan of the HM series.


#07 Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core(PSP): The best PSP game out there, and one of my most beloved games. Yes, I know I sound like a FF VII fanboy, but there so much awesome in the stories of these FF (except cerberus, that game sucked hard) and this is not an exception.

First of all, I never got linked with the story of Zack and Cloud, to me Zack was a guy who died and that's it... of course after playing this game I was so so wrong. At first the story doesn't make much sense and you wonder why most of things that happen during this game doesn't get mentioned in FF 7 but in the later half of the  game, the story becomes so freaking awesome and you start to understand why those things happened.

The battle system is addictive, altough I would love to had a party but that's just me. The ending of this game is incredibly sad I cried when zack died (And I'm still sad). A truly beatiful game


#06 999 : Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors(DS): Yup, this game came completely out of the blue  and let me tell you guys this game is an excellent visual novel. As most of visual novel, the real awesomness of this game comes from the story, you are trapped in a ship with 8 strangers, each one with a number in their arms. These people were kidnapped by a guy named Zero which gives them an ordeal to pass: they have 9hrs to escape the ship before it explodes and kills them all. But in order to advance they have to go to numbered doors , each door has it puzzles and it reveals a little of the story.

The game has over 8 endings and the True ending is really one of the most mind fucking endings of videogames of all times, seriously the story is excellent but the true ending was one of the best


#05 Final Fantasy Tactics(PSX): The first tactical RPG I've ever played, I first bought this game because I thought It was Vandal Hearts (yeah, I was more stupid at that time) but thank god I ever bought this game. The gameplay was fantastic, the different classes were great, the story I didn't understand it but now I do and was really nice, I absolutely love the isometric 2D graphics. Amazing game, the best of the series (I mean the FF tactics series)


#04 Shin Megami Tensei : Digital Devil Saga Part 1(PS2): There's something in this game that makes it one of the best RPG i've ever played. Be it for the excellent music, the sadness of the Junyard, the atmosphere, the characters and the simple but deep battle system. On top of that, the story is so intriguing and the game is incredibly hard (and cheap at times). It's really one of those games that went kinda unnoticed but are nonetheless great.

Absolutely love muldhara music


#03 Xenoblade Chronicles(Wii): Yes, a recent game so high on my list. Let me explain why: this game has everything I wanted in a JRPG for a LONG time, the battle systems feels fresh and old at the same time, you have an incredibly amount of freedom in this game, the story is epic as hell and a plethora of questies to do just adds awesomness to this.

Also, the music in this game is one of the best soundtrack I've ever heard (Gaur Plains FTW) and the locations *gasp* absolutely beatiful.

Imagine this game on HD *drools*


#02 Persona 3 FES/P3P(PS2): Well to be fair Im playing P3P, but the original Persona 3 (And later, P3 FES) is such an amazing and unique game (and a lot of change since Persona 2). You go to school, form bonds  with your schoolmates and in the midnight you have to explore a weird tower and fight weird enemies called shadows how? by shooting your head of course :P

This game, is a fresh take on JRPG while continuing with the amazing story Persona games has.


#01 Final Fantasy VII(PSX): Yes, Final Fantaxy VII (which is better than VI btw :P) is my top game of all time. Be it for nostalgia, the story, Sephirot or because this game is the reason I got into RPGs and Final Fantasy's games.

What more can I say about this game? Everyone knows it, and like or not can't be argued this game is something different.








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