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SecondWar said:
Just because as games plot is based on fiction doesn't truly make it unrealistic. The gameplay elements (minus regenerating health) are all realistic and its easier for developers to pace the storyline when its is made up. It doesn't have to be 100% accurate, just plausible and believable. Take the Stalingrad mission in Call of Duty: World at War, that isn't based on fact, just as the characters are also fictional.

Your absolutely correct but I included "Scenarios that are truly out of this world and nearly impossible" to support my statement a realistic plot is necessary for you to have a realistic combat simulator. I guess BattleField3 and ModernWarFares plots are as plausible as Canada invading the United States, I guess technically it could happen. However its not likely going to happen, other things like an earthquake just happening to go off mid mission in BF3. Yah because that is such a common occurrence or Iran having Russian nukes etc...etc...

Look realistically speaking MW and BF totally stretch the realms of plausibility. A realistic shooter needs to be based in something that is plausibly either going to happen or has/is already happening.

Personally I like games that actually put you in the boots of real soldiers and try to replicate the actual combat situations they find themselves in. Not some high octane , eye popping candy filled apocalyptic over the top impossible explosion filled adventure into chaos. Yah its fun sometimes but in all honesty I would rather play something that is actually possible or experience something other people actually experience.

My ideal game would be set in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Mexico, Somalia or one of the other current conflicts. Another thing why do the games always have to feature American's as the main force. Seriously other countries fight wars to and their conflicts are equally interesting. I would love to join a Mexican military patrol as we go into a town to rid them of the cartels. Or join the Kenyan forces as they take on Al Shabab or the UN forces in many other countries.

Wouldn't mind a game in which you play as the UN Forces which stayed behind to try and stop the Rwandan genocide. Their are so many wars that would be perfect for military games both modern and old. So many untold real life stories and a rich tapestry of plot lines which could easily beat anything Activision or EA has done recently.

But I guess when I watch action movies I get pissed off when they are too unrealistic as well. Example Die Hard 4, I almost turned it off because of how outlandish it was!


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