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Put your bets on an April release people.

Also I have a new most wanted game for 2012. I still wish they did a game in another city and perhaps country, but it would not be as funny without jokes that relate to American culture. It is good to give LA it's own game though this will be sweet!!

If you mean April 2012, then I doubt it, as that is when Max Payne 3 is launching, but maybe April 2013, but I hope it won't be that long.

One thing I have forgotten is Take 2, their investors will want to know a time frame for this launch, so if we are getting Take 2 results soon, that might reveal a release time frame

I just don't see rockstar announcing the gamenow  if the release is so far off. The company could easily launch both games withen a close window as there are multiple studios and the games are very different. truethfully the only thing that would hold it back that long other then delays would be trying to release a wii U verssion along with the PS360 version. If it happens that way I will assume the wii U version was the cause.

They have kept quit so long about the game it could easily be close to completion.

Both our loved Pachter and Mike Hickey believe they will launch it in early summer 2012, right after E3. (source: industrygamers)

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