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Lol started to think that a while ago like hey for kicks I'm going to go on and tell everyone the PS3 not only was brought back from the future in a silver De Lorean but also has the best games ever and the totally furturistic Cell that furture sight tells will not be surpassed for at least 7-10 years. Anyways enough of that since I don't really have anything against the PS3 just false advertisement of what it is and what it is not and as of right now like many have said it is hard to take a 600 dollar hit to play few games at the moment and much easier to take the wait and see approach for as of right now the PS3 is not supply constrained and if there is a big hit in June guessing your going for NGS or RB6 Vegas there Larry its not like people are going to have trouble finding them but personally with its bad press now the 22 of May its hard to believe many people will be swayed all at once to switch over expecially with that essentially 710 dollar price tag for system and first game and even greater in most places around the world.