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I think this is the last year where the PS2 version of Madden will be the best selling, but that probably means it will at least get the next two Madden games after that. Outside sports titles and liscensed stuff don't expect a ton of games beyond 2007 though. There are some action games and RPGs over the horizon, but nothing that looks to blow us away. The PS2 software market is flooded by cheap games and of course by the used game market so developers just don't have the incentive to make big games for the system that they did a year ago. Even though a year from now tens of millions of people will still be playing PS2s few of them may be willing to buy full priced $50 software for it anymore. Almost all the games that are coming out for the system are $40 or less. Madden 2008 is the only future one I'm aware with a $50 tag.