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larry said:
CameronHall1 said:

Konami sales have gone up by 7%. MGS4 will be relased before their next facial year which is March 31, 2008. Konami says that MGS4 will be a huge contributer for the next facial year.

Dave Karracker the sales marketing at Sony says that the sales of the PS3 is because of the internet. Sony needs to fire this guy. First it was software now its the internet. everyone knows the poor sales is because of price.

And what is Sony thinking. instead of lowering thie PS3 it acually made the price higher in South Africa. I wouldnt be surprised if it happen to us , Europe or Japan

In europe SONY is doing fabulous. It is murdering Wii and x360 in some places.

Onslaught starts June,2007


Ok washimul, as you wish.