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ssj12 said:
CameronHall1 said:

 no it has a good deal with the internet actually. To many fanboys dissing the PS3 when most of what they say isnt true and people of lessor knowledge of the consoles doesnt know if its fact or fiction what the person is saying. 

Can you honestly say that what people say on the internet has much influence on what you (or people you know) buy?

They are trying as hard as possible to keep the discussion away from "The PS3 is selling poorly because it is $600" because that leads to people anticipating a price reduction; if people think that the PS3 will drop $100 or $200 in the next 2 months they're unlikely to buy one this month. Their strategy started off with "The PS3 is selling poorly because it has no good games at the moment" which is an awful thing to say being that you're basically saying your system is no good for gamers at the moment. They have switched to saying that it is the "internets fault" because it is one of the few excuses they can use which doesn't look bad for Sony.

The reality is that it is very easy to talk yourself out of a $600 purchase that is not essential, so Sony has a great deal of difficulty converting any consumer interest into a sale.