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Karracker's job is to perform PR damage control for the PS3. Look at how little most people know about the hardware, the retail sales or even the game library -- if they can be convinced that the PS3's purported weaknesses are just in the minds of Sony's detractors, then he can sell more systems. The vast majority of people who bought the PS2 haven't heard much about the PS3 beyond, "it's the new playstation" and possibly, "it's $600". He's not trying to be honest. If he came out and said, "yeah, a lot of what they're saying is true -- we aren't selling many PS3s, a lot of exclusives are leaving us and we're almost certainly to drop the price this year. It may be a while until our game library approaches that of our competitors," then he'd hurt retail sales significantly. His goal is to sell PS3s. In this case, he's trying to create uncertainty about what's happening to do so.