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HappySqurriel said:
I see Wii Fit, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros. and Grand Theft Auto all as being between 8 and 10 Million units this year, but I'm not sure which one will be on top; I suspect Wii Fit but can't say for sure.

 Wii Sports will win again.  I don't see any of those game reaching 8 million this year.  If anything, GTA 4 will reach that when you combine both systems and that is it.

currently playing: Desktop Tower Defense (PC), Puzzle Quest (DS), Trauma Center New Blood (Wii), Guitar Hero III (Wii), Ghost Squad (Wii), Actraiser (SNES), Donkey Kong County (SNES), The Legend of Zelda (NES), Kirby's Adventure (NES)

will play next: Paper Mario (N64), Golden Axe II (Sega), NiGHTS (Wii)


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