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Random thought here. I'm just not a fan of Microsoft. It's kind of like the Imperial England of the computer world. They can do one or two things really well, and they use those to impose their not-so-great aspects on everyone. I like companies that let the consumer know what they're getting. I mean, look at this list: -If you want a computer that looks nice, you buy an Apple. I'm sorry to any Mac haters, but they do look *really* nice. -If you want an OS that actually functions, you install Kubuntu. The best OSs have lots of "u"s in them. -If you want a gaming console, you buy a Sega. Sega's proven their hardware is always going to be top quality, which is why they temporarily left the console business to work on the Duke Nukem Forever of video game consoles. Then there's Microsoft. Office is honestly the most solid word processor/spreadsheet/presentation package currently on the market, but Windows itself is horribly lacking. You can actually go out today and buy a new computer with Windows Vista, but come home to find out that your comp is too slow to effectively run Vista. In the last two months, I've gotten three "windows updates" for my computer, where I started a download without my consent, and when the download was finished, it forced a reset, regardless of what I was in the middle of. Three times in two months. This is an OS that's been around for five years. Its successor is out the door. What kind of updates could it need? Then there's Microsoft's desire to saturate themselves in every market. They haven't gotten OSs good yet, why should they move on to hardware? Zune is a joke. I mean, it's literally a joke. I can say "Zune" to any one of my friends, and they'll crack up. If I say "Zune" to my enemies, they implode. I am a Knight who says Zune. And the Xbox line is only marginally better. It's like Microsoft tried to copy Sega every step of the way, and failed. They're only still viable because they have money, so they can screw the rules. Halo? they bought it. Lost Planet? They bought it. Viva Pinata? They bought it. Halo 2? Came in a package deal with Halo. Nobody *really* wants to develop for the Xbox platform, they just do it if Microsoft gives them money. So if you really want the best of Microsoft, buy an Apple, download Kubuntu, and go pick up a DreamCast. Trust me, you'll have a better experience Frankensteining these three companies than you will if you go straight MS.