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pariz said:

Here some samples:


Are these natural plateau on top of the mountains?


in any case, I had a DSC 7

and used to do a lot of pictures with it in the early 2000 years. here are some samples of my annimal work (that's all I have online, they've been resized for web viewing and most used the zoom :p)

that's actually the mom and dad ^^


(still has the ombilical cord ^^)


ate about 30 sheeps... she was jealous of the attention ^^


White swans just parade to frighten you... we had black ones that actually attacked you too ^^ (and scared the ducks aways, so got rid of them for hunting ^^)


There's water in the holow of the tree trunk, and she was running after a quad, so thirsty and in need of cooling.


Unfortunately, my sister dropped the camera... and I haven't allowed myself to buy one worthy of spending time taking pictures since.