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SvennoJ said:
They better not use the GT5 installer, then it would take 90 minutes to install.
It's still at least a 20 minute install (8gb at max read speed of 54mbps)
There better not be a 1gb day 1 patch as well...

GT5 install is optional... it take 40-50 mim for full install (6.5GB) but you can select the smart install (it just install the data when needed... for example the first time you play one track it is installed in HDD).

This time is using the default 5200RPM HDD... the 7200RPM HDD is a little faster (35mim)... and the SSD is really faster (less than 20 mim... the loadtime is super fast too).

I want to put a SSD in my PS3 soon .