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It would be far more accurate to compare January 2002 numbers for the PS2 to January 2008 numbers for the PS3.
1) You see, the MAIN problem, games like MGS2, GTA3, FFX, DMC, GT3 were available on ps2 in January 2002, while PS3 don`t have GTA4, FFXIII, DMC4, GT5 in January 2008. And we all know that THESE games/brands were selling and will sell consoles.
2) look at the first thread of topic, 2002 is 3rd year of ps2 since launch.

Haven't you, Sony fanboys, said how Uncharted, Lair, R&C, Warhawk, HS, etc, were great games? You can't complain about that now.

You are just trying to manipulate dates and data. 

2002, is 2nd year that PS2 was released in ALL regions. That's a very important point.