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disolitude said:

First of all ps2 came out in 2000 so 2001 was its second year while ps3 came out in 2006 so 2008 is the third year. Ps2 sales for its third year almost seem unreachable by ps3...ever.


Well... The PS2 came out in Japan in March 2000, so 2001 would be it's second year there, but the PS2 didn't arrive in NA and Europe until Oct/Nov. So there, it's more of a first year. Also, PS3 launched in NA and Japan in Nov, so 2006 is hardly it's "first year", so 2008 is more of it's second year. Finally, PS3 was launched in Europe in March 2007, so we're not even into PS3 second year WW.

Aligning launches works best per region since it usually removes differences in a consoles release dates per region, see PS2 figures here. Looking at it this way, you see when you have "All" selected, it starts with the numbers in Japan only (the green line is the blue line), though America sold so many during it's first year. When the PS2 was launched in America relative to Japan's release date, the lines split. This is why you simply cannot compare first years sales "All" in those charts. You have to break it down into regions.

See my comparisons above for more details.