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I have thought of this topic in the past and it popped into my brain again just recently.  I just wanted to know what VGC thought of this idea.  I am all for people having the right to reproduce.  However, if you can't even support your kids and have to depend on the government then I believe there should be a limit.  I would say that limit should be set at 2.  That gives you two children which is enough for someone that relies on taxpayers to bail them out because they keep getting knocked up.  After the second child the mother or father should be required to get their tubes tied.  Passing the burden of financial responsibility onto others because you want to keep reproducing shouldn't be a right (and isn't a sign of a good parent).  If you can take care of your kids then go ahead pop out as many babies as you want.  What do you guys think about this subject?


Edit - After dwelling on the subject even more I suppose the best option would be to limit coverage to two children.  So they can keep reproducing if they want to but will only have the government supporting a maximum of two children.  The lesson should be that the government (tax payers) aren't here to support as many children as possible when one doesn't have the means to support them on their own.