Jay520 said:
To all people who claim COD, Halo, & AC To be milked:

What if fans insist on having more experiences? Would it be wrong for companies to meet the demands of their consumers? Should they neglect their consumers, and put the series on a hault, going against the will of consumers? As long as a franchise stays high in quality and sales, a company has every right to 'milk' a franchise. Producers will be happy, Developers will be happy, and most importantly, fans will be happy. The only people upset are the ones who pose no involvement in the game whatsover.

I am not interested in gran turismo. But if sony were to only focus each and every resource they have on gran turismo and release it every year, then I would be pissed at Sony as well. Microsoft can be making age of empires on the 360 and there are several other IPs they could have been concentrating on ( for example: Alan wake, lost odyssey etc ). But instead they concentrate on halo. They aren't listening to their fan-base, they are just listening to the sales, that's all.

They are acting like a publisher not like a platform publisher.

About the other ips, well, franchise fatigue. I am tired of call of duty and now they also cancelled true crime. Its fortunate that some other publisher has taken the franchise in their hands, otherwise it would have been another loss of a great IP.

Milking is bad for people who are not fans as well as fans, but fans won't feel it till the quality declines. Call of duty hasn't changed one bit since modern warfare and that's not even an exaggeration.