Mordred11 said:
@ the people saying that I don't back up my statement.Do YOU have any evidence to prove the contrary?As long as you don't,your perspective is just as correct/flawed as mine.I'm only speculating,if there was an answer to everything,forums wouldn't exist,questions wouldn't be asked.And that's why were here,to talk about it,and share our opinions,so take it easy.

People who commit crimes,are mostly the ones who are desperate and do it to survive.Are you telling me that the majority of these people are true christians and have hope in god that he'll make everything right?That's one very hard thing to believe.

the burden of proof lies on the person making the positive claim. you have the burden of proof on this one... no one else stated their oppinion on that subject. that's why a few people called you out for it.

and for this reason your statement that unless we prove you are wrong, the opposite view is just as likely to be true as yours couldn't be more incorrect.

I'm sure you know what is required of an extraordinary claim, right?


now speculating about the 2nd part of your post, what are the 'graver crimes' that you mention atheists are comitting in majority? if you define what you mean by grave crimes, maybe we can find some data to get some answers.

also, if these people are really atheists, why would they become religious after? what escape door is that that you are talking about? as an atheist you should realize that whatever you do in this world has consequences in this world. if you believe there's an afterlife you can escape to, then you're not an atheist to begin with...


do you see why i'm having problems understanding your position exactly?