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Mordred11 said:

Most people who commit crimes(the graver ones) are atheists,except for terrorists.Once they get caught,they're so desperate that they change their beliefs as an escape door.

Any statistical evidence for this or are you just making shit up?

Just sharing my way of thinking,which i consider it logical.Saying ''making shit up'' isn't making you look any cooler,or intimidating me for that matter.But i guess u're used to having such kind of conversations on the internet

Such a statement can't be defended as 'just an opinion', because it's not something than can be viewed as subjective (as oppose to say, making a statement about how pretty a colour is). It either is true or it isn't. If you make such a statement, you're gonna have to back it up with actual statistics, or 'making shit up' becomes a proper way to describe your views.

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