Joelcool7 said:
Mordred11 said:

Most people who commit crimes(the graver ones) are atheists,except for terrorists.Once they get caught,they're so desperate that they change their beliefs as an escape door.

I dunno I've met someone who was athiest prior to going to prison. I've met people of other beliefs as well. The majority are native beliefs and not any of our more popular faiths. So I wouldn't say the majority are athiests who commit crimes. On the same note I have met people who consider themselves Christian and always have but committed crimes. often they have pretty twisted theologies that aren't usually aligned with the teachings of Christ. Others simply fucked up like all humans do.

I have not met a single Christian in prison who followed the Bible when they got arrested.Mainly because if your following the Bible then their should be no reason to arrest you!

Of course, except owning slaves, killing kids who misbehave, stoning people for working on the sabbath, etc... that sort of nice stuff that's in the bible, right? :)


1 thing though... it's not surprising for a non believer to see there existing a lower percentage of atheists in prisons, or a lower percentage of atheists who are very uneducated compared to the population of believers.

On the other hand, it should be a heavy burden to carry if you are a believer, to justify why indeed there aren't a lot more atheists who are uneducated and commiting crimes if it's true that there is an advantage of being religious, when in fact it seems the situation seems to point exactly the other way.