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sept: star fox
oct: pokemon (not a true pokemon....but pokemon nonetheless)
nov: Flagship Mario game
dec: 20m selling gokart franchise

I really see no way of vita winning now. The Head start, the price gap, and IPs that sony wishes they have come years end.

Because that really affected the outcome of the ten years before the Wii came out.

And as for the desperation price cut and the head start...let's see what happens before we doom a console a half year from release.

ur refering to the era where sony was #1.....which was attributed to their own head start and most 3rd parties willing to make exclusives for it. 

I am refering to this gen.......where Sony must rely on their own IPs and not the 3rd pary industry anymore.

Suffice to say.........no Sony owned IP can touch Mario/Mario Kart sales. 

My point remains untouched

Um, why can't Sony rely on thirdy partys when they get total support and Wii gets none?  But of course, making definitive statements about future events is always the way to go.

Because making educated estimates based on history of the industry and sales performance of past titles to use as a basis is clearly ludicrous.....I mean its not like people in todays global market dont do similar things right?

I see what you did and right back atcha. Nice job downplaying a opinion (to repeat....its an opinion) regardless of the likelihood put into it. 

This gen has had a lot of firsts.  You're not predicting, you're saying outright Sony has no chance.  Which is silly.  Nintendo has always had those games, and they haven't always worked.  And remember, this "price advantage" is a desperation cut that reduced their profit prediction 82% and caused their market value to plummet by about half.

Im basing my claim on a few factors.

-Nintendo constant dominance in dedicated games handheld market

- Headstarts are VERY difficult to catch up to

- Desperation cut or not, its still before the main competition even comes out. The price advantage will matter this holiday, it always does. 

- a Mario 64 esque title and a Mario Kart title.....a 5m and 20m plus selling franchise respectively. These are massive system sellers. 

-PSP was the first handheld to ever offer a challenge to that dominance, and Vita looks to build on it.  Sony couldn't have hoped for a better outcome in the 3DS launch.  And they've never had an opponent this tough, rich and determined. 

-Headstarts are tough, but it has happened. 

-It remains to be seen how effective this cut will be.  3DS will do well, but only time will tell how well.  We should have a good idea in a few weeks. 

-I'm curious to see how long it takes for 3DS to get its Nintendogs or Brain Age.  Until something like that happens, I'd say Vita has a damn good shot.  And I don't mean Mario, I mean something new that causes interest.

I guess we'll know soon enough.

They have nintendogs and its pretty meh IMHO