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Rainbird said:
Games4Fun said:
I see GW2 is one many people are looking to, but id didnt find the first one that exciting.

GW2 is quite different from the first game though. It's now a persistent world like we see in other MMOs, but it's one that players can affect, and your efforts will have a direct effect on how the world looks and plays. The game is also extremely focused on cooperative play, not to mention breaking the old mantra of -tank-healer-DPS (there's no dedicated healing class for example).

It looks like it will bring some much needed refreshments to the genre.

thats good about the world one of the big things i hated about GW1. I like to meet and make friends with those out and about. Plus find those who love to just splore like me =). Though that is hard to find anymore in games it seems=(. I Like the whole tank healer dps thing to be honest.

I like to have a couple alts to play and not have to splain what the purpose of this or that one is. I always have atleast one of all 3 jobs. Depending how long i play i will make one of every Iclass. Im not sure if alts would really be the correct name for all of them though. In WoW my Shammie/pala/mage where all on equal gear level and I could play any of them fine though my shammie prob had a slight edge=). ATM in LOTRO I have my RK champ and mini. Still need to make a guard but im not sure ill like tanking in that game to much.  I also have a hunter and captain but they are kinda low atm. Even in Ashersons Call a pretty much classless game i had one for melee one for bow and one for spells.

Anywho point is i  am only willing to heal on the char i make for healing. it keeps things in my banks/bags etc clear it lets people know what role I wish to play at that time etc. except my RK people assume im willing to heal even in my kin even when i put in note dps. its amazing how many people invite you to group when you say sure ill dps and expect that you will heal anyways..... tisk tisk.Plus i hate dot healing so i just leave and ask if they even read the tells. My Mini on the other hand ill heal all day.