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ElGranCabeza said:
red_dragon said:
ElGranCabeza said:
red_dragon said:
Carl2291 said:!/michaelpachter

Good point by @NicolasVerge, the 507k Xbox figure included all of the "free" 360s given away under the Windows 7 PC promotion.

So yeah. Those free 360's are in the 507k figure, it's just nobody knows how many

Can't be a lot based on that it was only for Best Buy and they did it for certain models of HP and Dell ($700).

It wasn't just Best Buy, but it was just for certain models, yes. I'm thinking it was a shitload, if I was gonna get a new computer I would get one where I could get a free second 360.

The only retail stores to do the deal was Micrsoft store and Best Buy. THe only other way to do it was on and

The offer is available to online shoppers who buy a PC from,, or Microsoft's online store. Those who want to head to a retail outlet can find the deal at Best Buy or Microsoft's stores.

Thanks for proving my point. It's not just Best Buy.

Just wanna add this as well: