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Reasonable said:
So if I read this right the site's saying 507 K by NPD however this includes sales not estimated by the site as per this comment in the analysis from The Source:

"Michael Pachter did tell me in email however that much of the X360 year over year rise came from a) free X360s given away with Windows 7, and b) X360s sold directly to distributors (some of these units apparently ended up in Brazil) - and Microsoft convinced NPD to count both. Pachter didn't have figures on how many units those promotions added, but estimates that X360 would have dropped slightly year over year (-5% to -10%) without those inclusions."

Where does this put the site's initial estimates? Okay as they didn't see those sales through their polling methods or still under tracking 360?

I thought freebies, etc. went on for all consoles fairly regularly but The Source seems to implying this was a much bigger impact than usual.

Even if this somewhat downplays the 507 K it seems like the 360 still did the best overall even if you discount the noted units from the total. -5% at retail compared to the others is pretty good for the region.

lol, theSource's quote makes the whole thing sound soo much shadier then it actually is.

even without the student thing vgc still undertracked the 360 and was off on just about everything else as well.  and in all honestly, those free 360's should be counted.  consumers spent money and ended up taking a 360 into their household.  if that doesn't count as a sale then what does??  i can "understand" how vgc might not have the data to see this but at the same time not having that kind of dramatically, significant data only serves to highlight why vgc's tracking method keeps failing to be within their supposed 10% margin.