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blowfish, and I was merely pointing out that for every PS3 fanboy that thinks that in every way, the PS3 is better. I was pointing out that as far as I've seen, both critically and sales wise, the 360 exclusives far outweigh the PS3 exclusives. However, if you've grown up around a Playstation all your life, your going to think that the PS3 games are going to be better due to the fact that your probably more familiar with their series games. Like the gentleman that stated that GT was far better than forza. A side-by-side comparison would reveal that some things about GT were better (like far more cars), but in Forza, other things were better (better physics, actual car damage, and other simulation aspects). It comes down to opinions, primarily, but even then, one can only state one system's exclusives to another's. We'll always have differences. I am just merely pointing out my differences, and how I believe I'll be a happier gamer as I spent far less money for far more games for my system that I'll like. But I could be wrong as well.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.