So, I was looking into the Adventure update (currently planned as Beta 1.8), and it looks a lot more impressive than I'd originally expected.

First off, don't expect it to release anytime within the next eternity. It's expected not to release until after PAX, which happens in almost a month and a half.

That means two things. One, it's probably going to be a HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE update... probably the biggest Minecraft has had since survival, and it's sounding like it'll actually be even bigger than that update.

Two, it means that they very possibly will do interim updates with smaller amounts of new content to keep people satisfied with new content in the meanwhile.

At the current moment in time, here are the announced new features for the Adventure update:

- NPC villages
- Randomly generated dungeons
- New biome code
- Fully working Creative Mode (and individual admins can enter Creative Mode on a Survival Mode server if they choose)
- Critical hits
- Sprinting
- More farming options

And here are two screenshots from it:

The first screenshot seems meh, but the second looks badass. And one big thing it shows is a new type of block! Cracked cobblestone.

I'm really excited about the reintroduction of Creative mode. By what it says, it sounds like ops will be able to switch themselves over to creative in the middle of a game so they can have more freedom with building. No need to spawn a million blocks anymore - creative mode gives you nearly instant access to an infinite supply of every single block!

Yes, the adventure update will be gigantic.