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So I've seen people post what they have been listening to, but I wanna know what your favorite songs are. VGChartz is diverse and I would love to be able to listen to other wonderful music. So please share.  State the group/artist, recording info (country or label), and the language it is in...

Here's mine (ALL SPANISH, with some English mixed in): (Blackberry Adicta)

Group name: Comando Tiburon 

Recording: 3MusicMexico

_____________________________________________________________ ('Crushin Muero Por Ti')

Artist: Luis Lauro featuring Danna Paola

Recording: 3MusicMexico

_______________________________________________________________ (Malaguena Salerosa)

Artist: Chingon

Recording: is a well-known Huapango song from UMS (Mexico), which has been covered by many performers.


The song is that of a man telling a woman (from Malaga, Spain) how beautiful she is, and how he would love to be her man, but that he understands her rejecting him for being too poor.