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badgenome said:
I mean, there's a million reasons why everything you just cited as evidence is pure nonsense, but in particular I've never understood the fascination with Silverstein's "pull it" quote. Since when does the FDNY demolish buildings, and why would they only demolish Tower 7 (and not the others) and only if they couldn't control the blaze therein? And why, if this is indeed a government conspiracy, is Silverstein being consulted at all?

Fascination with pull it quote is because it is a term in demolition.  This is from the BBC article "Although its collapse potentially made architectural history, all of the thousands of tonnes of steel from the skyscraper were taken away to be melted down."  So you have a first time event and they just scrap the steel right away and melt it down.  No investigation?  I suppose it doesn't matter that it was the first skyscraper to collapse solely because of a fire.  Also, I didn't even mention thermate being found at the 9/11 site.   wiki- "Because thermate burns at higher temperatures than ordinary thermiteit has useful military applications in cutting through tank armor or other hardened military vehicles or bunkers. As with thermite, thermate's ability to burn without an external supply of oxygen renders it useful for underwater incendiary devices."