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PullusPardus said:
adriane23 said:
That's unfortunate, but did they make any good games other than Folklore
(Still haven't finished)?

Folklore is overrated, very repetitive, most people love it just because it is a PS3 exclusive when there wasn't that much PS3 exclusives back in the day,

Majin is their best game, and very underrated, i have a feeling that it might have the same cult following as Beyond Good and Evil because its a good game that no one bought, you should buy it now before it gets out of stock!

Majin really was a great game it had it flaws (Majin unable to walk 20 steps before falling down yet able to walk fine in battle....) but really was a great story and loads of fun, I would say it was the best 20$ I spent on a game in a long time.

Former something....