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CrazzyMan said:
He is the baseless fanboy and will defend his ship, even if it's sinking.
YOU must be LoL? =)) PS3 is sinking? IN YOUR DREAMS. =))

i am stating only FACTS, and my OPINION can CHANGE ONLY FACTS and NOT OTHER OPINION.
PS2 had a large and varied library PS3 will not

You know this how? We are over 1 year mark for the ps3 and already you are saying it will not have a large and varied library? You can't even try to establish that at this point. Perhaps in a few more years when more games are out and it is clearer which system(s) will have lots of titles and the best game variety.
Don`t worry, HE is just BLIND nintendo fanboy.
Nice try crazzy man, but there will be good games even not from Nintendo, and the consumers don't care where they buy their games from as long as they are fun.
And they will FLOP, like No more heroes did or zack and wicki.
Also all ten won't cause a continued uplift, it'll be like a one two week spike, then a drop, theen another one two week spike then a drop, basically the result will be Wii will still pull further ahead, just by a slower pace for a few weeks
Yes they will, so and Uncharted, Ratchet, UT3, GT5P, HS, Warhawk DID This December. They Helped PS3 to OUTSELL x360.
Exactly people have different tastes which is why those hardcore games won't save the PS3, only causal games will, and Wii has the causal games
You are BLIND nintendo fanboy, IF you think, tat PS3 won`t have casual games. Deal with that.
Not really go check the release lists for example their library currently consists mostly of mutliplats with the 360, and limited offerings in terms of things like mini-games/party games/puzzlers etc. That's nothing like what the PS2 had. At the moment PS3 is a very hardcore oriented machine, and the way things are going it will likely stay that way for the most part

LOL. Do i need to copy a LIST of 150 PS3 EXCLUSIVES?
You must be dreaming nintendo fanboy.
Fix'd the list, so 85% of the games are not announced, what makes you think they will be for PS3 while it sells like crap? PS3 support will only get worse as the gap between PS3 and Wii grows.
What crap? Are you Joke? PS3 OUTSELLING x360 WW.

 Lol, yet none of those games will help it get anywhere near the Wii, look at ratchet and clank, no where near  a good seller, I expect the same for most of those PS3 games you list, only sales to the sony fans and hardcore, and no where near the level of the Wii

 And Resident evil, oh wait resident evil didn't flop, oh too bad crazzy, just because a couple of games flop doesn't mean all will, also I notice a bunch of PS3 games flopped

yeah but not a varied list of PS3 games, that's what we are talking about, its a very niche list of PS3 games 




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