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Mummelmann said:
Avinash_Tyagi said:
DMeisterJ said:
@ A_T

God forbid, someone say something that puts how the PS3 is really doing in perspective to what the PS2 did, shedding some good light on there, when you have to come trumpeting the Wii in this thread. Are you able to post without bringing up the phenomenal Wii sales? As far as the title says, this is a sony discussion.

@ Topic

That story while not the same as it is now, is about the same of what we've been hearing for the past year. I'm not saying the PS3 will turn it around, but like sky said, stranger things have happened. Sixteen months ago, we were all talking about the Wii flopping and look at it now with twenty mil (Almost) sell-through. If anyone should believe that things may turn around, I would expect Ninty fans to be the first.

Your idea that the Story is similar is weak, PS3 was never in last place with all of its competitors out, PS2 was never behind the GCN or Xbox, PS3 is behind both Wii and 360, and even after multiple price drops its still failed to jumpstart its sales, Also the analogy to Blu-ray and DVD is also poor since you never needed an expensive TV to enjoy the improvements of DVD over VHS and DVD was desired by the mass public, Blu-ray isn't

 Okay, I don't mind your usual drivel, but DVD's were not desired in the mass market in 2000. Post whatever you want (which is solely Wii propaganda) but please, don't insult Vgchartz users by lying about things you think others won't know! DVD was still struggling (much because of price of format and players) in 2000 and took off about 2-3 years later.

Keep posting, don't lie. It's simple really. We know you're anti-Sony, but try to be less obvious about it... 

Oh yes they were. It was pretty obvious that DVD was the way to go back then.

I also find it funny that you ignored his other points. Could it be that your finally agreeing with his other points?

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