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windbane said:

Mario Party 8 sold so well because it's the first of the series on the Wii.

All of those games you mention sell consoles, and the ones this year will sell more. 

Mario Party 8 has sold 1.5 Million more than any Mario Party and is on track to being (at least) a 6 to 8 Million selling game; being that every Mario Party game has sold in the 2 Million range, this implies that there are Millions of people who have never owned a Mario Party game that have purchased Mario Party 8. Being that this is not an isolated case, and games like Super Paper Mario are also the best selling game in their series with current sales ensuring a wide gap between pervious versions, don't you think it is likely that people who never owned a Gamecube or N64 are buying this game because it is high profile?

At the same time, games like Virtua Fighter and Everybody's Golf have sold dramatically worse on the PS3 than they have in the past; don't you think it is likely that a lot of people who would have bought these games for the PS2 simply don't own a PS3?


Is this that hard of a concept to understand? Am I the only person who has dozens of games in my library in series that I have no particular attachment to? Am I the only person who has a strict limit on what I'm willing to spend to play the handful of series I am attached to?