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CrazzyMan said:
those 15% are the same guys who buy things like MGS, FF, DMC, etc. so basically you've got maybe 20% of the PS2's fanbase buying a PS3, if you consider some overlap, and that is at most.

I wonder, how will you PROVE that? =)))))

Wasn't one game, that is what you are making the mistke, it isn't one game that sells a system, largest library wins, always, its the tons of shovelware and casual games that win

So, all those over 40 games won`t be released on PS3, or WHAT is your POINT? They will be released on Wii? =))
I see already Star ocean on wii, also Tekken on wii, also Kingdom hearts on wii. =)))

OK. How many of these games:
Virtua Fighter - Better version on 360
Soul calibur - also on 360
Wild arms - not announced
Front Mission - not announced
Z.O.E - not announced
Resident Evil - also on 360
Silent Hill - also on 360
Dino Crysis - not announced(?)
Devil May cry - also on 360
Kingdom Hearts - Not announced
Medal Of Honor - also on 360 and Wii
Ridge Racer - dunno
Tales of ... - No tales games on PS3, ToS2 on Wii
Disgaea - tiny following
Valkyrie profile - not announced
Persona - not announced
Grand Theft Auto - on 360 too
Burnout - on 360 too
Crash Bandicoot - actually that's funny cause PS3 is the only console which didn't get it
Onimusha - not announced
Ace Combat - 360 only
Ratchet and Clank - Released and sold like shit
Xenosaga - Not announced
Guitar Hero - also on 360 AND Wii
Metal slug - Also on Wii
Armored Core - also on 360
Star ocean - no platform announced
Spyro - Same as Crash
Breath of fire - Not announced
Chrono ... - Not announced
Grandia - not announced

will be released on wii?
won`t be released on PS3?
also you have facts, that only 20 mln. of gamers care about THESE games and 100 mln. DON`T care? =) Can you prove that? =)

Fix'd the list, so 85% of the games are not announced, what makes you think they will be for PS3 while it sells like crap? PS3 support will only get worse as the gap between PS3 and Wii grows.