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BornFirst. said:
Bonafide732 said:
ameratsu said:

PS2 had a large and varied library PS3 will not

 You know this how? We are over 1 year mark for the ps3 and already you are saying it will not have a large and varied library? You can't even try to establish that at this point. Perhaps in a few more years when more games are out and it is clearer which system(s) will have lots of titles and the best game variety. 

yea i agree... thats alot of opinion in that 1st statement.... 

I also agree with that. Sony has alway pushed a lot of variety on thier consoles 

 Not really go check the release lists for example their library currently consists mostly of mutliplats with the 360, and limited offerings in terms of things like mini-games/party games/puzzlers etc.  That's nothing like what the PS2 had.  At the moment PS3 is a very hardcore oriented machine, and the way things are going it will likely stay that way for the most part


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