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CrazzyMan said:
Who cares if its from nintendo or not, do you think the average consumer cares?
Unless, they are going to release hundreds of cheap games, you won`t see good games on wii. Then why to bother?

Is that achievement, if wii will make over 200 mln. sales of casuals, which won`t care about NORMAL games, not Wii FIT? =))

Just wait and see, when the release of these big games o nthe PS3 don't push PS3 into first place then you'll see I was right, not only Will Wii still lead, but after temporary spike its lead will continue to grow

1 game won`t make big SPIKES inPS3 sales, BUT all 10-20 GAMES WILL.

x360 2006/2007 - PS3 2007/2008
02nd December 320,831 - 01st December 360,831
09th December 442,824 - 08th December 415,663
16th December 496,835 - 15th December 512,049
23rd December 566,638 - 22nd December 599,883
30th December 202,107 - 29th December 390,321
06th January 144,033 - 05th January 268,895

do you see increase? x360 had gears of war, PS3 only Uncharted, Ratchet, HS, Lair + other multiplatform games. With NO HYPED system seller in LAST 6 weeks PS3 outsold x360 by 60%.

Most people didn't care about gaming, why do you think Nintendo is trying to do with the Wii, what did Reggie say in E3 2006? Do you know people who never read books or watch TV or go to the movies? How about video games?
the PS2 userbase is different, with different tastes.
Most games never appeal to the full userbase of any console, even packins

The number of people who will buy a PS3 for any (or all) of these games, that have not currently bought a PS3 (or will not buy one in the near future) is small.

HappySqurriel, so how MANY people jumped from PS2 to PS3 already? How many peopel still on PS2? (hint: look at NFS and GH3 sales)

Wrong, the PS2 appealed to 100 million +, PS3 will not
Wrong, PS3 will do.
PS2 had a large and varied library PS3 will not
PS3 is not the PS2

 Nice try crazzy man, but there will be good games even not from Nintendo, and the consumers don't care where they buy their games from as long as they are fun.


Also all ten won't cause a continued uplift, it'll be like a one two week spike, then a drop, theen another one two week spike then a drop, basically the result will be Wii will still pull further ahead, just by a slower pace for a few weeks 


Exactly people have different tastes which is why those hardcore games won't save the PS3, only causal games will, and Wii has the causal games 


Predictions:Sales of Wii Fit will surpass the combined sales of the Grand Theft Auto franchiseLifetime sales of Wii will surpass the combined sales of the entire Playstation family of consoles by 12/31/2015 Wii hardware sales will surpass the total hardware sales of the PS2 by 12/31/2010 Wii will have 50% marketshare or more by the end of 2008 (I was wrong!!  It was a little over 48% only)Wii will surpass 45 Million in lifetime sales by the end of 2008 (I was wrong!!  Nintendo Financials showed it fell slightly short of 45 million shipped by end of 2008)Wii will surpass 80 Million in lifetime sales by the end of 2009 (I was wrong!! Wii didn't even get to 70 Million)