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deadhorse said:

blowfish said:

Thanks for your opinions stated as fact on how much better the xbox360 games are compared to the ps3's,can i have some of what you're smoking???

You're supposed to state your opinion as a fact in any sort of good writing and anybody who has taken English 101 in college would know that. Try reading a newspaper or magazine and tell me one article where the writer does not state his opinion as if it were a fact. Take a look at this review of Shrek the Third by Roger Ebert:
Notice he says "Shrek the Third is a damped-down return to the Kingdom of Far Far Away, lacking the comic energy of the first brilliant film and not measuring up to the second." Notice how he doesn't say "IMO" at the beginning of this sentence, if he did he'd lose his credibility and his job pretty soon.


 Thank you on your opinion on how to state an opinion