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Well When i read that article, it sounded like what people were saying about the Wii Last year. As somebody who has been gaming for a long time, i ca generally say the Wii is a breath of fresh air, and though i am a big fan of the Playstation brand, i will not fool my self in thinking, it will ever start dominating, its a bit too late for that. I keep hearing people say oh, wait later on this year, the domination will begin, and to tell the truth i have no doubt i will be the hearing the same thing next year.
Now there is nothing wrong with supporting the console you love (some people seem to love thier consoles too much here), but lets not start making wild claims. Sony needs to actually have a larger userbase, than the 360 b4 its can even look at the Wii, and all signs indicate the wii will still keep selling (has been selling over the Combined sales of PS3 and 360 WW), nothing is this succesfull and then just stops selling.

BUT!!! so the F what. Just like last generation, this generation will be featuring quality software for all consoles. Each console has already got amazing software (Mario Galaxy, Unchrted, Gears Of war).
Its rather anoying when people degrade a console you own just to justify thier purchase or prefrence, and i am looking at you here ___O_o______, its funny how you state the Wii is getting crappy sofware but fail to illustrate any of its heavy hitter coming out jeez. People like you will suffer this generation because you fail to see any positives in other console, so you will forever be bitter if your console is not number one. Its rather foolish. You totally weakend your credability.

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