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Sky Render said:

I can't help but notice that your posts consist of nothing but pro-Sony statements and assumptions of absolute knowledge of the future, yet you are decidedly unwilling to back up your statements beyond simply repeating your convictions. This is not conducive to a debate, nor to getting most people to see you as anything but a poor debater. This is just a suggestion, but maybe you should try presenting some solid evidence to back your claims (instead of randomly selected somewhat popular franchise names), stop repeating said claims ad nauseum when they're challenged, and cut back on the "it's true because I say it's true" postings. If nothing else, it will raise the respect that others have for you here. You don't have to take my suggestion, and I'm not trying to provoke you here, but please do at least consider it. Thank you.

 Trying to talk sense to Crazzy will not get you anywhere. He is the baseless fanboy and will defend his ship, even if it's sinking.

The BuShA owns all!