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___O_o______ said:
totalwar23 said:
mike_intellivision said:
All the article proved is that some people lack vision.
(That same statement also applies to many posters).

The PS3 is a very technologically advanced system. It is built for 2009. Unfortunately, it was released in 2006. That means that for roughly half its life it is going to be bleeding edge. And a lot of people stay away from that.

The Wii is a wonderful system to play but does have two shortcomings. It cannot produce graphics as good as the other two systems out there. It gets a lot of junk produced for it by third-party developers. ... Both of these were the characteristics of another system -- the PS2.

Mike from Morgantown

I don't believe that. Blu-ray yes, was built for 2009 but not the PS3's specs. Even now, the PS3 hardware is midrange compared to PCs. In 2009, developers will start feeling its limitations and soon, a higher hardware is needed or we'll be playing the same games over and over again with different coats of paint. The interface of the Wii, however, is rather brand new. Even now, developers don't know what to do with it. I expect to see more innovatived games from the Wii.

"in 2009 developers will start feeling its limitations"

your kidding right? 2009 is when the ps3 will see the release of its 2nd generation games. For you to say that developers will start to feel its limitations in 2009 is stupid. Maybe in 2012, but 2009?


"even now, developers don't know what to do with it"

oh ya. thats why theres a crapload of games being released on the Wii in the future.


"i expect to see more innovative games from the Wii"

more point and clicks? more controller wagging? more add-ons? PUHleez.

explain your ideas of "more innovative" to us

 And here's where you comments degrade to fanboy levels...or has it already started earlier?

Yes, in 2009, the capabilitiess PS3 as well as the 360 will be more limited due to more advances in technology. Ever heard of the Geforce 9 series? It's launching this year. When developers start getting more ambitious with what they want to do, they'll realized that it won't be possible on consoles until they optimize their progamming for more efficiency. They will in fact be mining the consoles to squeeze out any extra power.

 As for your comments on the Wii, it's clear that you simply hate it if you're to make degrading comments about it's games so there's no point in explaining  to you but innovation is about new things and change. The Wii has already done that and it's clear that people like it. Like I said, capabilities of the Wiimote hasn't been fully realized yet. Finer tuning and development will ushered in a new breed of games to rival that of the pretty graphics of the PS3 and 360. When people were able to aim with the Wiimote on a console on the TV instead of using analog sticks, that wasn't innovative? When you're able swing the Wiimote like a baseball bat instead of pushing a button, that wasn't innovative? When you're able to swing the Wiimote like a golf club, well you get the point. But I don't expect you to understand that.