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Avinash_Tyagi said:
brute said:
Avinash_Tyagi said:
brute said:
Avinash_Tyagi said:
CrazzyMan said:

310 mln.? in what generation which home console sold 310 mln.?


if you like 310 mln. then PS1+PS2+psp = 250 mln. that of`ofcourse 20% less then 310 mln. but still A LOT. You know? =))

WE SPEAK ABOUT previous generation PEOPLE jumping from ps2/xbox/gc to ps3/x360/wii.
Don`t you understand THAT???

And YES, of`course wii will get NEW users, which haven`t played consoles before(attracted with controls), so will and PS3(attracted with amazing graphics).

However, while wii appeal to casuals that don`t care about graphics, PS3 will appeal to NEW casual base, which will see amazing PS3 graphics and will want to get PS3. I`m talking about this stuff -
Overall PS3 and Wii will end with pretty close numbers LTD.

 lol, most causlas don't care about that stuff, they'd rather get the Wii for stuff like tennis, if they cared about GT they would have played a PS2, most people didn't

actually check the sales of GT they were one of the highest on ps2 so i think they cared about it

 less than 15%


That's a fact less than 15 % of the largest console cared about the game, that isn't something tha wins the console wars

well its hard to have a high attach rate with so many systems sold,and you think 15% to 115 million users isnt alot,though you should check what it did when it launched it helped ps2 alot that holiday,then ofcourse its sequel killed some of its sales

 It didn't help PS2 that much, PS2 was already the winner, it would have kept on selling without it, all it did was create a temporary spike


and 15 % means its only a title for the hardcore mostly, it won't make the PS3 gain on the Wii 

Are you talking about that hardcore of 13+ million?

I'm sorry but when people start saying that GT doesn't sell consoles they might as well stick carrots up their nose and run around doing a chicken impression because it makes about as much sense.  GT3 sold millions of consoles. Sales of the PS2 had slowed right down until it was released and the PS2 & GT3 pack sold shitloads.

The first GT game on a PlayStation always sell far more than the second because the first one represents the huge graphical leap while the second is usually just a slightly upgraded version. GT5 will sell a huge amount, probably 10m +. Its the first GT on this generation and its the first GT with online play which is a massive addition.