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Avinash_Tyagi said:
viewsonic9 said:
Avinash_Tyagi said:
gamingdevil said:
Actually his baseless PS2 bashing reminds me of the gazillion articles bashing the Wii...

Deja vu?

 Exactly, they SDF'ers think it applies to the PS3, but they are off base the Wii is where history will repeat

I think you will find it actually applies a hell of a lot more to the PS3. You could pretty much just replace every PS2 in the article with PS3 and it would read like any of the pieces written about the PS3 over the last year.

 Lets look at some of the main points and see if they apply more to the PS3 or Wii shall we?

The most powerful console but with no games.

Using its ability to play movies on a new media as a selling point.

More difficult to develop for than its rivals.

Costing twice as much as its rival because of features that gamers dont want.

Nintendo & Microsoft being pointed out as its main rivals.

 Mmm. Now I might have missed something but I cant see much there that sounds more like the Wii than the PS3 can you?




 PS2 wasn't the most powerful console when all three were out, it also was the first out, not in the middle, it was never behind the GCN or the Xbox, it was never twice as much as the GCN or Xbox, sorry but your comparison between the PS2 and PS3 is hopelessly flawed


Edit:  Sorry meant PS2 not PS3 

I think you should read the article again. He clearly says in it that the PS2 is the most powerful console. We are talking about this article and how it could easily apply to the PS3. Whether the PS2 was the most powerful has nothing to do with it.