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shams said: Chill everyone ;) Keep fanboy wars to another thread please! ... re: Gundam Musou - I'll be interested to know the retailer preorders. I wonder if they are being more cautious after VF5? I still expect retailer orders of 200k (or so), and 100k-150k in the first week sales. As for pushing systems - remember that there are 600k-700k PS3's out there. If one in every 4 users buys the game - that is 150k sales right there - with no extra units pushed. To *really* push hardware, you need to release a varied selection of games (i.e. such that at least one game available appeals to everyone). Since a Gundam game has already been released - Im not so sure this will push that much hardware (might still hit 50k PS3 sales in the first week).
the day BLUE DRAGON came out 26000 x360s were sold............GUNDAM MUSOU is coming out in BUnDLES as well as sole copies. If BD could fetch 20+k units in JAPAN why wouldnt MUSOU ftech 100k ps3s................after all PLAYSTATION brand is much more powerful than xbox. no it would hit 100k hardware sales in the 1st week. You are talking about ps3 not the defuct x360. NOTE :- VF5 never featured in the FAMITSU list of top 10 games. GUNDAM would be no 1/2 on next week's chart