Max King of the Wild said:
Icyedge said:

Thats a very good post, both sides have their responsibility. What im wandering is, legally speaking, in knowledge of their security problem, should Sony take all their servers that contain customer information offline until they get time to upgrade them. What do you think of that? (keeping in my mind the information is, name, address, date of birth, e-mail and the standard of the industry in term of online security). Im actually hesitant on that, I think they should but at the same time, we shouldnt ask more to a single company then to the other. So what do you think?

I doubt any other website similiar to sony pictures would have higher security. I dont know why people are questioning sonys security...  They should be questioning hackers motivs by making it so public in my opinion... some pro sony hackers should start publisizing all sorts of hack on other businesses to show it aint just sony.

I question both, surely its the hackers that commit an illegal act, but in knowledge of this, you are also liable. When people gives their informations, you need to protect them, its not your fault if it get stolen, but you still need to do your best protecting it. Was Sony doing their best?!? Probably not! But im sure that now they want to put everything up to date. They were working on PSN 24/7, once that completed they will surely work on the other server too. Hence why my questioning, should they put offline everything that contains customer information until its upgraded or is it considered acceptable. If considered acceptable with the industry standard, maybe we should change that, dont get me wrong though, its not Sony's fault to not do more then what the law ask of them.